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Chemical Distribution Units

A chemical distribution unit (CDU) can dilute and blend liquid chemicals in any wanted ratio. From its buffertank it can dispense the chemistry to process equipment or to chemical loops. Through the use of performance polymers, almost any kind of commonly used semiconductor etch or cleaning solution can be transported. The CDU is a safe and easy way to get most aggressive chemicals to the point-of-use. Corzan® 4910 CPVC is an excellent material of choice for cleanroom equipment manufacturing that is specification tested and listed under the Factory Mutual Research Corporation Test Standard for Clean Room Materials (FM4910). Those plastics have good resistance against a wide variety of chemicals. The housing shields the environment from the pressurized chemical distribution system. The piping, valves, and pumps are made of high purity PFA or PTFE. Flared couplings with minimal dead spaces connect them. This will reduce the interference with high-purity chemicals to a minimum. Buffer tanks can be delivered in a wide range of polymers (e.g., PP natural, PVDF, ECTFE (Halar), PFA, etc.) in accordance with the chemicals they have to contain. DI water connections and piping are usually made out of PVDF standard material. Use of suited polymers makes it possible to deliver all kinds of chemical blends. Aqueous-based acid and caustic solutions with pH varying from 0 to 14 can be handled (e.g., HCl, H2SO4, HF, NH4OH, H2O2 and many more). Do not hesitate to contact us if our products should meet your additional company standards. We can design tailor-made solutions to your needs.

Other Semicon Applications:

  • Manual wet benches
  • Slurry distribution units
  • Internal and external drum and bottle washers
  • Tube cleaners
  • Process tanks, containers, and lining
  • Connectors and adaptors
  • Substrate carriers Piping (WNF/BCF, IR-fusion, double contained, etc.)
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Chemical Mix and Distribution Unit (CMDU) in PFA & PFTE