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Leading to excellence

From the early days in 1958 Plastic Constructies R. Teblick has delivered the design, construction, and installation of high-quality plastic piping systems for all branches of industry.

In 1995, Plastic Constructies R. Teblick was the first company to weld +GF+ George Fischer IR fittings and piping.

We not only cover ‘common’ piping systems such as HDPE, PP, PP-s, PVC, PVC-C and PVDF but also more ‘exotic’ materials such as PVDF-HP&BCF, ECTFE and PFA.

And if the specified fitting is not available on the market, we simply make it.

We are also capable to implement double containment piping systems with inspection holes and leak detection, above- and underground: we can even combine different materials, like HDPE outside and PVDF inside.

On request, a detailed study can be carried out by our engineering staff to optimise pipe-line routing, resulting in P&IDs and isometric drawings for approval.


Our capabilities include

  • Butt fusion welding
  • Electro fusion welding
  • IR welding
  • Socket fusion welding
  • Solvent Adhesive pipe / sockets-joints
  • Extrusion welding
  • Rod welding



HCl dilution piping
Double containment system in PP
deionisation piping
PP high temp exhaust
PP high purity di-loop piping
PP high purity di-loop welding
HDPE-100 piping
PP dia 450 piping
Sea water piping
PP piping for resin regeneration
PP high purity di-loop piping
PVC piping
PP dia 630 pressure pipe
PP-RCT piping, by José Carlos Jeronimo Gil
PPn pharmaceutical process piping
Container fitted with 400 meters of PPS DN150 PN10 pressure piping