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Semicon & high purity components

Teblick makes a wide range of special components and parts for the semi-conductor industry. Starting from high quality semi-finished materials we produce some niche products that add a lot of value to our customers processes'. This includes:

  • Wafer carrier reducer inserts
  • Wafer transfer devices
  • Process tanks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Corzan C-PVC FM4910 cabinets
  • Turntables & Process chambers
Corzan C-PVC process console
6" Reducer insert for a 4" PFA carrier
4" PFA lined titanium turntable
Wafer inspection tool
PVDF dispense head
PFA process tank
PVDF mixer
Test unit
PTFE carrier
PVDF/PFA heat exchanger
ECTFE Process Chamber
ECTFE Process Chamber
FIFO box
PVDF / PFA process tank
SOG coat cup
Solar unit
PVDF pressure vessel
Corzan C-PVC cannister consoles
Quartz handler design
Quartz handler
8" to 6" carrier reducer insert
Spray nozzle
Test device
PFA filter assembly