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Chemical Distribution Units

What is this?

A standard chemical distribution unit (CDU) is a system that dispenses chemistry to process equipment or chemical loops. A chemical mixing and pumping/distribution unit also dilutes and blends liquid chemicals in any wanted ratio prior to dispersing. Dosing pumps, level sensors, load cells, IR refract meters and pH and conductivity sensors guard the mixture.

Why use a CDU?

A safe and easy way to get aggressive chemicals to the point-of-use
Due to our application of high-performance polymers, almost any kind of semiconductor etch or cleaning solution can be transported. Our CDU’s are always built in a cabinet that shields the environment from the pressurized chemical distribution system.

Keep chemical purity under ppb levels
We can keep the impurities below 150 ppt with respect to metal and ionic contamination. We use high purity PFA or PTFE for piping, valves and pumps, flared couplings, and ensure minimal dead spaces to reduce interference with high-purity chemicals to a minimum.

Easy access to and operation of your equipment
PLC and HMI (touch panels) provide easy access for the operation of the equipment. Visualization of the P&ID gives a direct overview of the machines' status. The process, chemical consumption, pumps strokes, pressure and many more parameters can be monitored to optimize your production processes.

Our options

All our Chemical (Mixing &) Distribution Units are tailormade based on our customers’ requirements. 

We design and produce buffer tanks and mixing vessels in a wide range of polymers (e.g. in PP natural, PVDF, ECTFE (Halar™), PFA) in accordance with your specific chemical resistance needs.

We have experience in building solutions for aqueous-based acid and caustic solutions with a pH varying from 0 to 14. For example, but not limited to; HCl, H2SO4, HF, NH4OH, H2O2. 

If the materials in your cleanroom needs to be FM4910 certified, we use Corzan® FM4910 CPVC and PVDF. These are excellent materials with a good chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals that are specified, tested and listed by Factory Mutual Research Corporation for Clean Room Materials (FM4910).

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